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Messengers of the desert

Welcome to "www.deserpath.net", a path of reflection to seek the Father Creator.
This site is the fruit of my work on the Bible, based on knowledge of reality and logical reasoning.
Those who seek the Truth sometimes find themselves in the desert, they are like warriors, they have a spiritual sword to cut the false from the true and a shield to protect themselves from adversaries. The spiritual warrior is not there to spill man's blood.
The shoes of the desert are placed far from the defilements of the world in order to keep moving forward in holiness, on the right path in the desert.
Food is the manna that falls from heaven, water from heaven is precious to alter us and a burning bush is there to warm us.
Through my website, I seek to :
- help people return to the Father Creator.
- explain the divisions between different religious groups.













 Please don't hesitate to contact me to :
- improve the site or suggest a better translation.
- express your point of view or ask questions.

All in good humour!
You can read my e-mail by positioning the mouse over the logo of the homepage or by copying the link below:

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Information of the Site

Please respect the information by not reproducing my texts without mentioning my site.
This site is not for profit, I express and share my faith free of charge as an independent author.













My photos


Photo :
- the tent in the desert
- my footprints in the desert
- symbol of Baptism in running water
- on the road to truth













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The Bible's reformers is available at low cost in bookstores

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http://biblehub.com/  Choose your language in the top of the page "multilingual".

The four gospels by Claude Tresmontant in French

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Kevin Fouquere

also called Yohanan